CGDI Webmapping Client Component (CWC2)
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The CWC2 is a distributed, highly configurable, Open Source environment for developing Web Mapping applications. It is built on OpenGIS Consortium standards for Web Mapping Services (WMS) and WMT Viewer Contexts. The CWC2 was developed by DM Solutions Group Inc under contract to ....

The CWC2 consists of several components, including:

A live CWC2 application consists of a CWC2 application template that is passed to a CWC2 Service Instance to generate the application.

Available Documentation

The following documentation is available for online use:

CWC2 Adminstrator's Guide
The Administrator's Guide provides details on getting, installing, configuring and maintaining a CWC2 Service instance
CWC2 Application Developer's Guide
The Application Developer's Guide provides details on developing applications that use a CWC2 Service instance.
CWC2 JavaScript API
The JavaScript APi describes an extension to the CWC2 that allows application developers to implement custom functionality in JavaScript that builds on the services already offered by the CWC2 Service Instance.
CWC2 Core Widget Reference
The Core Widget Reference documents the widgets available in the core set of widgets provided with CWC2.
CWC2 Widget Developer's Guide
The Widget Developer's Guide describes how a developer can implement new widgets.